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Dry Erase Handwriting Paddle
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Dry Erase Handwriting Paddle

Dry Erase Handwriting Paddle

About Dry Erase Handwriting Paddle

New!  A huge paper and money saver! Neat dry erase handwriting boards help keep students alert and happily engaged as they have fun writing their answers on the board and and holding them up! Fun for home, school, or work, these writing paddles provide a fun way to facilitate communication during meetings or while you're on the phone and want to get someone's attention. These 8"x10" rectangular shaped paddles are blank on one side and have a subtle sleeve on the other that has writing lines on one side and math grid squares on the other. Each comes with a deluxe dry erase marker that has a mini dry board eraser on the top; the marker snaps into the handle so it doesn't get lost. You'll find lots of fun uses for these innovative dry erase boards.

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