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Fuzzi Soft 6" Sensory Ring
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Fuzzi Soft 6" Sensory Ring

Fuzzi Soft 6" Sensory Ring

About Fuzzi Soft 6" Sensory Ring

New!  Extraordinary soft, 6" fuzzi flocked sensory ring!  This chunky, hexagon-shaped sensory fidget ring is covered in a ravishing array of raised velvety textures; users can knead, pet, squeeze, explore all of the amazing textures, wear 'em on their arms, or use 'em for a fun game of tactile ring toss!  A great sensory tool for sensory seekers.  Comes in 6 random magnificent colors.  A GREAT HOLIDAY GIFT IDEA OR STOCKING STUFFER!

*Please note - sensory rings contain latex.

*Our exciting new website is in progress! Until it launches, using Firefox when ordering works the best. Thank you for shopping with us!

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