Itty Bitty Pom Pom Tongs Set™
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Itty Bitty Pom Pom Tongs Set
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Itty Bitty Pom Pom Tongs Set™

About Itty Bitty Pom Pom Tongs Set™

NEW!  You'll love this fine motor skill-building play set that includes 500 teeny tiny pom poms plus a plastic 2-in-1 Tiny Treasure Tongs that has tweezers on one end and a scoop on the other.  These colorful little fuzzy 1/8” balls are perfect for refining finger skills, counting, scooping, tweezing, sorting, patterning, and hide 'n find sensory play.  Our exclusive Itty Bitty Pom Pom Tong Set™ is the perfect therapy or classroom set to keep in your toolbox for kiddos who need to refine their fine motor skills.  Awesome!

Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.