Sensory Stone Wristband Set
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Sensory Stone Wristband Set
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Sensory Stone Wristband Set

About Sensory Stone Wristband Set

NEW!  Versatile set of sturdy, interchangeable sensory stones that kids can tuck in their pockets and backpacks, keep in their desks, or wear on the included wristband.  This one-of-a-kind set includes 4 double-sided "worry" stones: one side is texturey; the other is silky smooth and has a fun kid-friendly character on it.  Feel anxiety and stress melt away as you rub them.  Sensory stones are an effective silent fidget tool for school classrooms, car or bus rides, waiting rooms, and they make a great focus helper while talking on the phone!  A helpful wearable sensory tool choice for scab and skin pickers (dermatillomania), fingernail biters, hair pullers (trichotillomania), or for those who crack their knuckles. The adjustable band fits most children and teens, ages 3+. Awesome!

Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.