Vibes Premium Sensory Earplugs Set
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Vibes Premium Sensory Earplugs Set

Vibes Premium Sensory Earplugs Set

About Vibes Premium Sensory Earplugs Set

Vibes Premium Sensory Earplugs are ideal for older children, teens, and adults who are hypersensitive to sounds, but can't tolerate and/or don't want to wear traditional noise-reducing sensory earmuffs.  Vibes are designed for high quality sound, durability, and comfort. Instead of only reducing high frequency sounds (like most traditional earplugs), these exceptional earplugs reduce the volume of all sounds equally, allowing for clear (undistorted) hearing – only at a lower volume.  Instead of blocking sounds, Vibes use sound tubes and filters to balance sound waves while reducing the volume level by approximately 22 decibels.  These quality earplugs are a discreet, socially acceptable auditory defensiveness sensory diet tool for home, school classrooms, work, travel, or community events.  Includes a pocket-sized carry case and set of small, medium and large ear tips that help ensure a comfy fit. Designed for ages 12-up.

Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.