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175+ Fun Products  Under $5.00

Check out our phenomenal assortment of 400+ fun fidgets, sensory tools, tongs, fine motor skill toys, pencil grips, therapy putty, writing and reading specialties, and lots of other neat therapy goodies, all featured at an amazing low price under $5.00!


Our aromatherapy products provide an exceptional, all-natural tool for sensory diets and self-regulation needs. Aromatherapy can be used to awaken, focus, energize, calm, soothe, and much more. Please contact a trained aromatherapy professional for individualized needs and special concerns. *Please note that our aromatherapy therapy tools are for smell only, they are not for ingestion.

Assistive Technology

Our unique selection of low-tech, assistive devices are designed for classroom, home, and clinic use; helpful reading and writing devices, products that assist with low vision and visual perceptual challenges, simple communication devices, shoe tying helpers, specialty left handed products, focus and sensory tools, wiggle seat sensory cushions, ergonomic seating devices, noise reduction specialties, weighted vests, light filters that help diffuse the harsh glare of fluorescent lights, sensory kits, and much more!

Autism Specialties

Check out our exciting selection of products designed especially for helping children, teens, and adults who have aspergers syndrome and other types of autism spectrum disorder. Hand-selected by our seasoned occupational therapy staff, our specialties include sensory toys, social stories, fidgets, chewy tubes and other chewies for oral defensiveness, writing tools that promote handwriting success, yoga cards, social skills and educational games, alerting and focus tools, sensory defensiveness and sleep solutions, and lots of other helpful products for autistic children, their families, teachers, and therapists!

Therapy Shoppe is your one-stop-shop for autism toys and other unique occupational therapy autism products!

Bilateral Coordination

Come and see our super selection of toys, games, and other fun activities that naturally help develop bilateral coordination (the ability to use both sides of the body together in an organized, coordinated manner). Being able to use your hands and/or feet together efficiently impacts a wide variety of academic tasks, gross and fine motor skills, as well as many gym class and sports activities. Handwriting, keyboarding, texting, using scissors, tying your shoes, manipulating fasteners, climbing stairs, and riding a bike are just a few examples of two handed and/or two footed activities that require good bilateral skills!

Educational Toys

Children learn the best and naturally develop their sensory-motor skills through play! Therapy Shoppe® offers a fabulous selection of innovative educational toys: sensory toys for self-regulation, all your favorite occupational therapy toys, wonderful learning toys for autistic children, fidget toys that help facilitate focusing, skill-building special needs toys, and lots of other amazing toys for children of all ages and abilities.

Favorites for Teens  and Adults

By special request! We’ve created an entire section of socially acceptable products and resources for tweens, teenagers, and adults. You’ll find tools to facilitate self-regulation, writing, and fine motor skills... unique specialties for adult oral motor needs, innovative products for hand rehabilitation/exercise/strengthening, lots of neat gadgets for school and the workplace such as specialty air cushions, noise reduction tools, reading devices, stress relief fidgets, and much more!


Our 800 phone number is currently out of order. Please call us at 616-696-7451 or email us at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - to reach us today. Our apologies for this temporary inconvenience.

*Our exciting new website is in progress! Until it launches, using Firefox when ordering works the best. Thank you for shopping with us!

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