Mountainsmith Essential Stash Bag
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Mountainsmith Essential Stash Bag
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Mountainsmith Essential Stash Bag

About Mountainsmith Essential Stash Bag

 Because we received SO many requests from our customers, we're excited to announce the super deluxe, soft-sided bags from our Deluxe Essential Aids Kits™ – are now available separately! These superb quality, extra deluxe (and durable) bags by Mountainsmith feature 2 separate zippered compartments, 6 roomy pockets, 8 elastic object holder straps, an integrated "hook" that allows you to hang the bag up when it's open, and a convenient carry handle! Our Essentials Stash Bag is just perfect for organizing and toting your favorite fidgets, classroom tools, chewy tools, emergency car supplies... all kinds of different things. You'll be amazed how much stuff can fit into these sturdy little soft-sided bags. Each one measures 10"x6"x2" and features Mountainsmith's "Forged for Life" lifetime guarantee. Check 'em out today!