Tactile Gel Discs (OT Sensory Activities Set)
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Tactile Gel Discs OT Sensory Ac...
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Tactile Gel Discs (OT Sensory Activities Set)

About Tactile Gel Discs (OT Sensory Activities Set)

NEW!  Tactile Gel Discs are a versatile sensory / therapy activities set that includes 5 giant colorful rubbery discs with a different unique texture and a 5-pc. set of matching discs that are mini versions of the big ones.  Packed in a drawstring tote bag, this mega-use set is terrific for creating obstacle courses, working on tactile discrimination, stabilizing paper when writing, and more.  You'll find dozens of uses for these super versatile and fully washable sensory tools.  Tactile Gel Discs make a subtle touchy-feeley tabletop or under-your-desk classroom fidget that students can run their fingers across while they are reading or listening to a lesson – or a nice sensory foot fidget!  Tactile Discs can also be used as a visual tactile cue for hand placement or to stabilize paper when writing.  The big discs are 10", the smaller ones are 3".  A must-have sensory kit for OT departments and favorite (versatile) travel tool for itinerant occupational therapists! You'll love them!