Winged Reverse Gravity Timers
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Winged Reverse Gravity Timers
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Winged Reverse Gravity Timers

About Winged Reverse Gravity Timers

NEW!  You've never seem a timer like this before!  Very cool mini 2-1/2" hourglass-shaped gel timer with clear "wings" and gorgeous glitter that flows UPWARDS when you give it a little gentle shake. It makes a great self-regulation and sensory break tool for the office, meetings, classrooms, and homework time – plus it makes a mermerizing, stress relieving, office desk toy for teens and employees! Winged Reverse Gravity Timer is made of sturdy plastic, but will crack, break, or leak if its dropped or banged. Colors vary. For ages 5-adults.

*Please note gel timers are designed to be a visual sensory tool and are not a toy for children; adult supervision is needed with children.