Mindful Bedtime Cards
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Mindful Bedtime Cards
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Mindful Bedtime Cards

About Mindful Bedtime Cards

Nighttime can be tricky for many children-teens-adults . . . Mindful Bedtime Cards were created to help! This amazing set of 40 oversized, sturdy coated mindfulness cards feature peaceful prompts, beautiful graphics, mindful breathing (with some companion mindful therapeutic touch like forehead raindrops and rainbow eyes), calming exercises, and delightful guided meditations. This wonderful collection is designed to help reduce children's worries and slow down busy minds before bedtime; transporting individuals  to restful, imaginative, calming places.  Our parent, OT, teacher, and child-teen testers loved this Mindful Cards Set that comes in a very durable and pretty storage box. For ages 3 too 103. Truly wonderful!