1.  Schedule a phone or video call with Santa

Want to visit Santa while social distancing this Holiday Season? You can leave Santa a private message using this free hotline that's available in several different languages!



2.  Make your own ornaments at home using clay, succulents, and other materials

Get your creative juices flowing and make your own DIY ornaments at home using materials you already have lying around the house.  Use clay (or make your own!), paper, felt fabrics, ornaments, repurposed old toys, glitter, markers, and more to make your own personalized creations.  Making ornaments is a great activity for developing fine motor and bilateral coordination skills; just one of the bonuses of DIY craft projects.

diy ornaments


3.  Join or create your own Secret Santa gift exchange

Host a virtual Secret Santa gift exchange this year!  Grab your friends or family members and draw names for a fun Secret Santa exchange.  You can either mail your presents or drop off wrapped gifts on each other's porches to maintain your social distance.  To make this even more fun, host a group video call once all of the packages have been delivered and watch everyone open their gifts.  You can also join an online gift exchange like Redditgifts to get matched up with someone across the country or world!

gift exchange


4.  Make Your Own Wrapping Paper

Making your own DIY wrapping paper is a great way to improve your gift-giving game this holiday season!  As an added bonus, kids love this fun activity and it's a fun way to work on developing fine motor and finger skills.  You can either decorate existing paper using materials like washi tape or wrap gifts using unconventional materials (like newspaper or coloring books).  There are tons of ways to create your own wrapping paper so the possibilities are truly endless!  Click here for more fun ways to make your own wrapping paper. 

rapping gift


 5.  Create an Activity Advent Calendar

Fill up your family schedule this holiday season with fun holiday activities you can do as a family (movie marathons, wrapping presents, baking, ornament making, etc.) and put them into labeled bags or envelopes advent-calendar style.  The best part is that you can use this as a fun way to pre-schedule family activities that fit into your calendar while surprising your kids!  If you want to surprise the entire family, you can also put the activities into unlabeled envelopes and pull a new one out each day to try out. 



8.  Find Ways to Help Others and Practice Random Acts of Kindness

This year has been difficult for many families, and there are many ways to help out others this season while staying safe by social distancing.  Many assistance programs offer social distancing-friendly ways to donate gifts this holiday season to families in need.  Local Food Basket Programs that provide sack breakfasts or lunches for children are almost always looking for volunteers to sort, tag, and bag meals.  Christmas caroling in your local neighborhood is another way to spread good cheer and kindness.

donate food


9. Make your own DIY Menorah

Creating your own family Menorah is a fun way to celebrate Hanukkah together as a family.  There are lots of unique ways to build a kid-friendly Menorah.  From paper mache to glow sticks, the possibilities are endless.  Click here for tons of creative ideas to try out this holiday season.


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