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Super Sale My First Tri-Write Pencils 36pk
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Super Sale My First Tri-Write Pe...
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Super Sale Price: $15.99

Super Sale My First Tri-Write Pencils 36pk

About Super Sale My First Tri-Write Pencils 36pk

*Please note that these super sale pencils do NOT come with erasers.  Otherwise these pencils are identical to our regular pencils.  This set includes 36 pencils.  All super sale items are non-returnable.

My First Tri-Write Pencil is an extra thick and sturdy triangular-shaped pencil for beginners, children who use a lot of pressure when they write, or for students who have decreased motor control. The triangular shape of My First Tri-Write naturally facilitates a proper pencil grasp. The weight of these thick diameter beginner pencils provides a nice touch of extra sensory input! Each one has an eraser. A helpful writing tool for your classroom or to have in your therapy bag of tricks!

*Our exciting new website is in progress! Until it launches, using Firefox when ordering works the best. Thank you for shopping with us!

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