Sound Asleep 2-CD Set
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Sound Asleep 2 CD Set
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Sound Asleep 2-CD Set

About Sound Asleep 2-CD Set

Based on the works of Dr. Alfred Tomatis, these extraordinary CD’s facilitate deepening levels of rest/relaxation/sleep using highly specific sound frequencies combined with specially arranged classical music. Soothing piano, strings, harps, and nature sounds are paired with 30-50 beat pieces that guide brainwaves through the different states needed for replenishment and renewal. Designed for short naps or deep relaxation sessions, DAY REST returns the listener to a fully alert state at the CD’s end. NIGHT SLEEP facilitates falling and staying asleep, with frequencies remaining in a slow state at the conclusion of the soundtrack. Features the exquisite music of Brahams, Beethoven, Chopin, and more. You'll love this beautiful sleep help music!