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Rappin' on the Reflexes (manual with CD)

About Rappin' on the Reflexes (manual with CD)

Sensory integration in a song? Primitive reflexes in a rap? Fine Motor Coordination in a fine finger game? This amazing set may be the most helpful resource you purchase all year!

Rappin' on the Reflexes gets kids moving, singing, and practicing developmental movements that "switch on" their brains and increase their physical, emotional, social, and academic well-being. Primitive reflexes (automatic movement patterns that typically integrate as children-adults grow) affect every aspect of development. Sometimes these reflexes don't integrate well, or they return with stress, injury, or overstimulation... Integrating these crucial reflexes can help improve vision, motor coordination, memory, attention, balance, and more. Rappin' on the Reflexes incorporates reflex movements into songs and games that children just love. Just pop in the CD and watch 'em go!

The CD included in this important set contains 25 songs, raps, and movement narrations that are designed for all ages. Some songs will appeal most to young children; others (especially the raps) can move right on into high school and beyond. The songs progress in an evolutionary series, beginning with the primal movement of breathing, then moving on to spinal, up and down, same-sided, and cross-lateral movements. Songs and raps can be used individually or in sequence. Each chapter in the spiral-bound photo guide corresponds with a CD track and includes descriptions of each reflex, directions for each song/game, teaching tips, an index of conditions, and much, much more! Don't miss out on this phenomenal new reflex integration child therapy resource that's designed for easy use by parents, therapists, and teachers.