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Wooden Drumstix Chopstix
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#FM9475Drumstix Chopstix Set$3.49
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Wooden Drumstix Chopstix

Wooden Drumstix Chopstix

About Wooden Drumstix Chopstix

New!  These neat 9" wooden chopsticks have a traditional "chopstick" food tip on one end and a realistic drumstick tip on the other end! Take a short break and turn your kitchen table or office desk into an impromptu drum set... then have a blast strumming away.... burning off a little stress! Drumstix Chopstix are a really fun finger tool for practicing, and imitating rhythms and beats (which are excellent activities for individuals who have attending, focusing, and other executive function challenges). These neat chopstix are sold in pairs or 4-packs (which contain 8 chopstix total). COOL!

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