Fluxy Fidget Finger Strengthening Ball
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Fluxy Fidget Finger Strengthenin...

Fluxy Fidget Finger Strengthening Ball

About Fluxy Fidget Finger Strengthening Ball

NEW!  Fluxy Fidget Finger Strengthening Balls are a PHENOMENAL SENSORY TOOL and FIDGET FOR HAIR PULLERS / individuals challenged with trichotillomania!  We're thrilled to bring our exclusive Fluxy FIdgets back!  Fluxy is a one-of-a-kind fiddle ball that provides lots of entertaining ways to keep your brain fired up, restless fingers busy, and fingers strong.  This rubbery 2-1/2" sensory fidget ball has 12 finger holes you can poke your fingers inside, and 3 texturey fabric tails you can pull out, plug back in, twirl, toss, or swing around using both hands.  Fluxy Fidgets are a perfect pocket-sized fidget and stress buster office desk toy for older kids, teens, and adults.  Manipulating and pulling the tails out provides a phenomenal finger workout (that is typically too difficult for most young children) and provides that satisfying "tug" desired by many hair pullers and skin pickers.  This wonderfully unique sensory ball is available exclusively from the Therapy Shoppe®!

Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.