Grippy 1lb Finger Ball
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Grippy 1lb Finger Ball
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Grippy 1lb Finger Ball

About Grippy 1lb Finger Ball

Uncommonly dense, fist-sized 1 lb. weighted sensory ball with a very touchable smooth rubbery skin. Grippy 1 lb. Weighted Balls are the perfect little (subtle) sensory tool for exercising your fingers / hands / arms at your desk or in front of tv.  It's ideal for bicep curls, tricep arm lifts, solo toss 'n catch games, and other simple strength-building therapy activities. Our testers loved how it makes a nice "crunchy scrunchy" sound when they manipulated it; a perfect little motivating touch of auditory feedback. Grippy makes an effective fidget tool for deep pressure proprioceptive seekers, too. You'll definitely want 2 of these versatile balls (one for each hand). Recommended for ages 6-up. Adult supervision is required with children.
Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.