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Texturey Picture Magnets
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Texturey Picture Magnets

About Texturey Picture Magnets

NEW!  The best picture magnet set on the planet!  Super texturey and wonderfully colorful 60-piece foam magnet set that features fun objects for every letter of the alphabet!  The magnets in this set are very durable and have flat, full-object magnets. Objects include:  animals, foods, toys, common household objects, outdoor items from nature, and much more.  This wonderful A to Z magnet set is perfect to pair with alphabet letter and number magnets.  A marvelous multisensory teaching tool for building vocabularies; they make a superb vertical surface fine motor skills play activity, too (occupational therapists love using vertical activities to help build open web spaces and functional tripod grasps). You'll love love love this very deluxe Texturey Picture Magnets set!  Recommended for ages 3-up.