Super Sale  Finger Paint Set
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Super Sale Finger Paint Set
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Super Sale Finger Paint Set

About Super Sale Finger Paint Set

*Please note that this set has been pre-opened.  All super sale items are non-returnable.

• Perfectly suited for children over 1+, this ready-to-use finger paint is super vivid and smooth - just open the 3oz pots and start painting!
• Four ultra-bright colors (yellow, green, red, and blue) lay down smooth and are easy to blend, and the washable paint makes cleanup a snap when you're done painting!
• Viscous paints have great coverage power and work will all common types of paper.
• Resealable pots are easy to store in the included cardboard pouch!
• Fun integrated animal faces on the tops of each pot make coloring more playful!
• Customer will receive 1 pack of 4 Finger Paints