Play Foam Coloring Tray
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Play Foam Coloring Tray
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Play Foam Coloring Tray

About Play Foam Coloring Tray

NEW!  WOOOO HOO! This one-of-a-kind "coloring" sensory toy is way too cool!  Kids use the included scooper-spreader finger tool to “color” a picture in the clear tray with playfoam.  Play Foam  is colorful little foam beads that stick together, but don’t stick to you or leave behind any residue!  This cool set provides a fun and relaxing way to help build fine motor skills, finger dexterity, visual motor, and finger grasps skills (not to mention it is great for alleviating stress and anxiety).  When you finish "coloring", use the included tool to dig the playfoam back out; tactile lovers and skin pickers especially adore this play set!  The set includes: a dragon picture tray, scooper-spreader tool, and 5 dazzling colors of playfoam. Designed for ages 4+. AWESOME!

Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.