Updated Yoga Dice Set
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Updated Yoga Dice Set
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Updated Yoga Dice Set

About Updated Yoga Dice Set

NEW!  Yoga Dice Set is a versatile yoga set that we love as an occupational therapy tool for short sensory breaks, a focusing breather at work, in classrooms, for solo freestyle yoga, or as an organized game.  This neat yoga activity set includes 3 yoga pose dice, a directions dice that adds a nice little extra action to each turn (such as deep breathing or words of affirmation), and directions for organized game play.  Just roll the dice and complete the yoga poses; this one-of-a-kind kit provides an easy way to build gross motor skills, body awareness, balance, flexibility, bilateral coordination, core strength and sensory processing skills – while providing deep pressure and movement input.  Ideal for classrooms, therapy clinics, classrooms, and OT sensory rooms; a handy set for traveling OTs and PTs.  Big thumbs up!  Designed for kids, teens, and adults – ages 6 & up.