Super Sale Chalkboard Placemats 4-pk
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Super Sale Chalkboard Placemats 4-pk

About Super Sale Chalkboard Placemats 4-pk

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  • IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES these 4 durable long-lasting 12 by 17-inch blackboard placemats will bring to your life. With chalk markers or chalkboard crayons (sold separately), kids entertain themselves. Make dinner time AND happy kids at the same time.
  • DOUBLE DOWN ON YOUR COMMITMENT TO A DEVICE FREE DINNER when kids use these to occupy their time while waiting for a restaurant or meal at home. Reward your little table setters for their work with some time to create before dinner.
  • ATTENTION ADULTS WHO LOVE COLORING AND LETTERING: You can show off your talent and help your dinner guest know what’s on the menu when you use these under-serving dishes. Make dinner party guests feel loved by designing a personalized message under their plate.
  • SPICE UP your to-do lists, chore reminders, or notes of encouragement with DIY lettering artwork. Post one of these placemats on your refrigerator or keep it in a kitchen drawer and you will never have to search for a scrap piece of paper again.
  • DESIGNED TO MAKE CLEAN-UP QUICK AND EASY. Create, laugh, enjoy, wet a cloth with water, and wipe the plastic surface clean. Repeat. Fun and entertainment has been made easy!