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Autism Specialties

Discover innovative autism toys and products for individuals who have Aspergers Syndrome, PDD, Angelmans, and other autism spectrum disorders.  We have unique toys for autistic children including a wide variety of calming fidgets, sensory toys, chewy jewelry, autism chewies for oral sensory defensiveness, and other popular therapy tools and autism toys for autistic children. You’ll love our weighted stuffed plush animals, sensory sox, writing tools, yoga cards, alerting and focusing tools for kids, and solutions for sleeping problems.  Our autism products line also includes favorite classroom learning games and educational toys, and other favorite autism products for teaching conversational and social skills, and good manners.  Therapy Shoppe® has helpful autism toys, sensory therapy tools, educational autism products, and amazing toys for autistic children.


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Items 1 to 16 of 502 total
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