• Is it safe ordering online?
      Therapy Shoppe uses a password protection system and high-level Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption when processing purchases on our website. SSL is the industry standard for creating a secure, encrypted link between a web server and a browser, which ensures safe passage of sensitive, confidential information, such as credit card numbers. Banks, e-commerce websites, etc. use SSL as a means to protect online transactions with their customers. Once a secure connection is established, SSL encrypts information sent from your browser to the web server.
    • Do you ever share or sell any of my personal information with anyone else?
      No. We deeply respect your privacy and are firmly committed to protecting your personal information. We do not sell, share, rent, lease, or disclose any of your personal information (name, email address, telephone or fax numbers, address, or credit card numbers) to any third parties, unless required by law. Please refer to our complete privacy policy for more information.

Ordering & Payment

    • Will I receive confirmation of my online order?
      Yes, within 2-3 minutes of placing your order, you will receive an email notification that provides confirmation of your order and an order confirmation number. You may need to check for this email in your spam or junk mail file (as occasionally emails get redirected through filters).

    • Do you charge sales tax on orders?
      We are required to collect sales tax for orders originating in Michigan. If you are a tax-exempt organization, please be sure to provide us with your Sales Tax Exemption Certificate. Please call us to set up your tax exempt status before placing your first online order if applicable. 

    • What forms of payment do you accept?
      For online and phone orders we accept Visa, Mastercard, or Discover. For domestic customers ordering by mail, we accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, checks, money orders, and Therapy Shoppe Gift Certificates. For international orders we accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or international money orders drawn in U.S. funds. Please know approved purchase orders are accepted by fax or by mail. Unfortunately we are unable to bill individuals, private facilities that are not approved, and international accounts.

    • Do you accept Purchase Orders?
      We accept purchase orders from schools, hospitals, and other pre-approved educational facilities. Please know we are unable to ship to third party purchase order recipients, and do not accept international PO's. Purchase orders are accepted by mail, fax, or email.

    • Do you have a minimum order?
      We do not have a minimum for prepaid orders. For purchase orders, we have a $25 minimum. Purchase orders under the $25 minimum will incur a $3.00 service fee.

    • How can I cancel an order?
      Should you need to cancel your order, please call our customer care line (1-800-261-5590) with your order confirmation number as soon as possible. Please know that once an order has been shipped, it cannot be cancelled. If a package is en-route when your request is made, cancellation is not possible. Original shipping charges and return shipping fees are the responsibility of the customer with all cancelled orders.

    • What are your return and exchange procedures?
      Products may be returned or exchanged within 30 days after they were received. Click here for more information about our return and exchange policy and procedures.

Creating an Account

    • Do I have to create an account to order from your website?
      No, you are not required to set up an account to shop on our website. If you would prefer not to establish an account, simply begin shopping and adding products to your cart. You will be given the option to checkout without an account when you go to checkout. Please know we do not retain any of your credit card information once your order has been processed.

    • What are the benefits of creating an account?
      Every member that creates an account with us and logs in is given a "Members Cart." This allows you to add products to your shopping cart at your convenience and come back at a later time, or even another day to checkout. All of the products you've added to your cart will remain until you checkout or remove them yourself. If you add products to your shopping cart without logging in and then decide to log in to your online "Members Cart," the contents of your cart will merge automatically with your "Members Cart" contents.

      When you have an account with us you can create an endless number of "wishlists!" Therapists can create a separate wishlist for all the children on their caseload, which can then be forwarded to their parents, teachers, or relatives. Teachers can create wishlists of beneficial products for the children in their classroom which can then be sent to their parents. Children can create a birthday or holiday gift wishlist of all their favorite products... the possibilities are sky high with our exciting new "Wishlist" feature!

      Being able to view all of your past orders is another great benefit of creating an account! This makes the reordering process way easier and quicker by allowing you to double-check and easily click on products you've ordered in the past. This time-saving feature makes re-ordering a breeze.

      You'll also have your own personal address book when you create an account. This lets you quickly and easily have products sent to addresses other than your own. Once you've entered an address you'll never have to look it up again!

Shipping and Handling Information

    • Do you ship to international destinations?
      Yes, we ship our products all over the world. Please know our international shipping charges are calculated by the size and weight of each individual order (and therefore cannot be calculated on the website). When you place your order, we will calculate the exact shipping charges and will email you for your approval. Your credit card will not be charged and your order will not be shipped until we receive your approval. Please be sure to provide your complete email address when you order so we can reach you.

    • Do you ship to APO/FPO addresses?
      Yes. Please know shipping charges are calculated by the size and weight of each individual order and therefore cannot be calculated on the website. When you place your order, we will calculate the exact shipping charge and will email you for your approval. Your credit card will not be charged, and your order will not be shipped without your approval. Please be sure to provide your complete email address when you order so we can reach you.

    • Do you have an extra charge for handling and filling out customs paperwork?
      No, we do our best to keep your costs down and do not charge extra for these services.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

    • Do you have a retail store I can visit to shop, or to pick up my order?
      We offer a catalog and online shopping, but no retail storefront. We have found that our customers appreciate the convenience of shopping at home and at work. Purchases can be made online, by phone, by fax, or by mail.

    • Do you offer Gift Certificates?
      Yes, we do. Please click here for our complete selection and details regarding Gift Certificates!

    • Do the air cushion seats need a pump to be inflated?
      The only cushion that requires a pump for inflation, is our Pleated Disc Cushion (which has a pump that is included with it). All our other air cushions, can be inflated with simple puffs of air once the plug has been removed. Please know the plug needs to reinserted once the desired amount of air has been added.

    • How do I decide what size Ball Chair or Therapy Ball to choose for my child?
      The easiest way to determine the best size ball chair or therapy ball to order is to measure an individual's arm length (from their arm pit to their fingertips), then select the ball chair/therapy ball that is the closest in size to that measurement.

    • How do I figure sizing for your Weighted Vests and Pressure Vests
      All of our vest sizes are based on (children's) Hanes t-shirt sizing. The size t-shirt your child is currently wearing correlates to the size vest that you will need. For instance, if your child wears a size 10-12 t-shirt, you would most likely want to order a size Large (10-12) weighted vest. Please refer to the sizing chart below:
      • X-Small - Size 2-3 (4-4 oz weights)
      • Small - Size 4-5 (4-4 oz weights)
      • Medium - Size 6-8 (4-6 oz weights)
      • Large - Size 10-12 (4-8 oz weights)
      • X-Large - Size 14-16 (4-8 oz weights)
      • XX-Large - Size 18-20 (4-8 oz weights)

    • How do I size for a Palmless Hand Weight?
      Sizing is based on the measurement across the palm of one's hand from the outer edge of the pinky finger to the outer edge of the pointer finger. Once you have this measurement, please refer to the chart below:
      • X-Small - 2-1/4" - 1/4 lb. weight
      • Small - 2-1/2" - 3/8 lb. weight
      • Medium - 2-3/4" - 1/2 lb. weight
      • Large - 3+" - 1/2 lb. weight

    • How do I determine the correct size for a Forearm Sleeve Weight?
      Sizing is based on the measurement between one's wrist and the crook of the elbow. Then refer to the chart below:
      • X-Small - 5" - 1/4 lb. weight
      • Small - 5-1/2" - 1/2 lb. weight
      • Medium - 6-1/2" - 1 lb. weight
      • Large - 7-1/2" - 1 lb. weight