Tumbling Bubbles Gel Timer
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Tumbling Bubbles Gel Timer

Tumbling Bubbles Gel Timer

About Tumbling Bubbles Gel Timer

Tumbling Bubbles Gel Timer is a spellbinding visual fidget tool that's wonderfully soothing candy for your eyes.  This tranquilizing 6” liquid gel timer has tiny gel droplets in 2 beautiful colors that zig zag back and forth, dancing down a mini gel stairway.  Flip it upside down and the colorful gel ballet begins again. Gel timers are one of those helpful calming tools that can provide an on-demand sensory break anytime you need a little breather at home, school, or your workplace.  This stress-decreasing visual sensory tool is made of sturdy plastic, but will crack, break, or leak if dropped.  Colors may vary.  5-up. Timer is for approximately 1-1/2 minutes.

*Please note gel timers are designed to be a visual sensory tool and not a toy for children; adult supervision is needed.