Furry Marble Looper™
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Furry Marble Looper

Furry Marble Looper™

About Furry Marble Looper™

A sensory party for your fingers! Furry Marble Loopers™ are heavenly, wonderfully, velvety soft furry loops that have an enclosed lead-free stainless steel marble inside you slide or "walk" round and round! These delightful, take along fidgets are silent, discreet, and great for twirling, twisting, rolling with your hands, petting, and turning 'em inside out and back. Great for home, school, restaurants, waiting rooms... anywhere!  Fold or roll 'em up and stick 'em in your pocket, purse, or backback. Fidgeting fingers, sensory seekers, teachers, students, and everyone in-between love these self-contained tactile sensory fidgets! Marble Loopers™ are latex-, and lead-free. Come in pretty assorted solid random colors. Lovingly made in the USA exclusively for Therapy Shoppe® by the wonderful folks at HandiThings. Sold individually.

Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.