$4.99 Mini Fidget Kit for Kids™
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4 99 Mini Fidget Kit for Kids

$4.99 Mini Fidget Kit for Kids™

About $4.99 Mini Fidget Kit for Kids™

Exclusive money-saving fidget kit featuring 3 of your top favorite fidgets for kids:  a Bendeez, crunchy Klicks Fidget, and a Fabulous 4 Fidget Spinner (the best fidgeting spinner we've ever come across)! Three amazing fiddle tools that provide a fun way to keep kids' brains engaged, restless fingers entertained (as kids build their fine motor dexterity skills), and it'll keep them happily entertained for hours as they bend, twist, click, crunch, shape, roll, and spin away! This special Therapy Shoppe® kit was created especially for fidgeting fun at home as your family hunkers down together during social distancing mandates. For children, ages 4-up.

Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.