Suction Fidget Strips™
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Suction Fidget Strips

Suction Fidget Strips™

About Suction Fidget Strips™

These versatile sensory fidget strips make an excellent under your desk fiddle tool for tactile seekers and busy fingers!  This 10" rubbery fidget features dozens of mini suction cups on one side, and texturey bumps on the other.  Perfect as a quiet fidget tool for classrooms or the office – or as an alerting handheld fiddle.  Stick it under your desk and run your fingers over the rubbery fidget bumps; it sticks and peels off nearly any smooth, hard surface.  Or fidgeters can fold it in half and peel it back apart.  Kids, teens, and adults who love Pop It fidgets, popping bubble wrap, or our Snazzy Snappers will ADORE these!  Washable Suction Fidget Strips™ are great for classrooms, the office, home desks, or the kitchen table. 6-adults.

Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.