Deep Pressure Squeeze Seat / Sensory Motor Tool
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Deep Pressure Squeeze Seat Sen...

Deep Pressure Squeeze Seat / Sensory Motor Tool

About Deep Pressure Squeeze Seat / Sensory Motor Tool

NEW!  Deep Pressure Squeeze Seats are a versatile new multisensory tool that makes an innovative seating choice for home, classrooms, clinics, occupational therapy activities, more!  Kids straddle these unique sensory seats that apply calming deep pressure input and trunk support while improving posture and offering kids the deep pressure input & stimulation that helps them focus and stay on task.  Users can lightly rock 'em side to side or back and forth, or gently bounce on them for vestibular input!  Kids can also lay it flat, sit in the nook, and use the "wings" as armrests – or sit on 'em, or step up and climb on top or over them!  They provide an easy way to incorporate calming sensory breaks into the classroom.  Use these unique multi sensory input seats on the floor:  during circle time, for reading in class or the library, for watching TV, or it's fun as a gross motor obstacle course tool (kids can climb thru or on top of it (and then step back down).  Parent and teachers love the durable, brightly colored wipe clean vinyl surface.  Created especially for preschoolers and early elementary-aged children, ages 3 to 10 who weigh under 100 lbs.  Awesome!

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