Lego Sensory Fidget Strips™
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Lego Sensory Fidget Strips

Lego Sensory Fidget Strips™

About Lego Sensory Fidget Strips™

We're excited to introduce this simple, out-of-sight new Lego sensory fidget strip for classrooms, study areas, the office, and other work spaces.  These bumpy fidgets have gobs of irresistible raised rubbery nubs and peel-off adhesive on the back that allows you to "stick" these innovatively subtle fidget strips under (or inside) desks, chairs, kitchen tables, computer desks, or inside backpacks / notebooks / pencil bags... practically anywhere!  Lego Sensory Fidget Strips™ are an inexpensive little sensory fidget tool for tactile sensory seekers of all ages (children, teens, and adults, ages 3-up). These neat little 12" strips are sold individually and come in assorted random colors. NEAT!