Glittering Vortex Lamp
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Glittering Vortex Lamp

Glittering Vortex Lamp

About Glittering Vortex Lamp

This mesmerizing Glittering Vortex Lamp is filled with beautiful sparkly glitter that swirls around like a vortex as the lamp cycles through a rainbow of enchanting colors. Shaped like a traditional lava lamp, this soothing visual sensory tool is nice for calming kids before transitions, for sensory breaks, before tests and lunch, after recess or gym class, before bedtime, and more. A nice sensory diet tool when you see a child begin to become overstimulated (to help prevent a meltdown). Children and adults of all ages love gazing at this beautiful sensory lamp (which is a visual sensory tool, but not a toy). May crack or break if it is dropped. Makes a great office desk "toy" too. Requires 3 AA batteries (not included). Awesome!

*Please note that we are unable to ship these in the winter due to freezing temperatures. Check back for availability in the spring!