Jumbo Weighted Bingsu Donut
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Jumbo Weighted Bingsu Donut
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Jumbo Weighted Bingsu Donut

About Jumbo Weighted Bingsu Donut

Jumbo 7" squishy squeezy sensory fidget donut that's filled with gel and shimmering bingsu beads that make a pleasing (moderately soft) crunchy squishing noise as you knead, squeeze, squish, and gently stretch away!  This calming sensory fidget is pretty eye candy for tactile seekers who like multi sensory, weighted fiddle tools.  Jumbo Bingsu Squeezy Donuts come in beautiful assorted random colors; you'll love these hypnotizing, 2-handed eye candy fiddles that really helps calm restless fingers and overactive minds.  Designed for gentle fidgeting, please note they will potentially burst or leak if over-stretched or poked with sharp objects, etc.  For kids-adults, ages 8-up. In assorted, dazzling colors.

Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.