Tactile Crystal Chewy Necklace
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Tactile Crystal Chewy Necklace

Tactile Crystal Chewy Necklace

About Tactile Crystal Chewy Necklace

NEW!  Neat 8-sided "crystal" shaped chewy necklace on a black silky breakaway cord. This 2-1/2" silicone sensory chew features lots of angles, smooth and bumpy surfaces, and gentle pointy tips. Tactile Crystal Chewy Necklaces are nice for oral sensory seekers (and avoiders), finger nail biters, kids who chew on their fingers / pencils / sleeves, and for those who use oral chewy input to self-regulate. This versatile chewable fidget tool is for mild-moderate chewers. Pretty assorted colors. Sold in singles.

*Please note - all chewy jewelry and chewies require adult supervision, need to be inspected frequently for wear, and replaced at the first sign of breaking down. The life span of any oral motor chewy tool depends on the frequency and degree of use. Chewies are non-returnable.

Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.