As schooling begins to resume, life seems to be a lot about adjusting our expectations and trying not to default to our old ways of doing things.  

Whether your children or students will be participating in hybrid learning, virtual learning, a pandemic pod, homeschooling, cohort student groups, or another kind of learning model... it's even more crucial than ever to have the most effective learning and sensory tools to meet their unique needs and challenges.  A strong support system is also essential in these extraordinary times.

Below are some favorite "back to school" shopping lists for traditional or homeschool classrooms that we've put together to help make it easier to narrow down all the great choices.  All are top pick products that were hand-selected by classroom teachers, school-based occupational therapists, and homeschooling parents.

As we get ready to embark on an uncharted school year, know that we're here for you.  We welcome any questions you may have and are always happy to provide individualized suggestions or activities.  If we don't know the answer, we'll do our best to try to get it for you!  Most of our staff have been on their own special journeys in a variety of capacities for as long as 25+ years... we've walked in your same or similar shoes – and truly do get it.

Sending our warmest wishes as we embark on an extraordinary (and uncharted) new school year journey together.  Please feel free to reach out to us anytime, we're here for you and are always just an email away.

Thanks for being with us today and make a great week!

– The Therapy Shoppe OTs 💗


 back to school anxiety and stress relief


 1.  Soothing Sand Window

 2.  Ooze Tube Timer

 3.  3 lb. Minkee Scented Weighted Lap Pads

 4.  Howdahug Sensory Seats

 5.  Scented Furry Sensory Squares™

 6.  Aromatherapy Scented Putty

 7.  4.5 lb Weighted Shaggy Puppy

 8.  Neoprene Stress Gel Fidget Ball

 9.  All Natural Essential Oil Sprays

10. Snazzy Snappers


back to school calming focus tools


 1.  Weighted Lap Pads with Fleece Covers

 2.  Kitty Cuddles

 3.  Spiky Deep Pressure Sensory Rolling Pin

 4.  Under Your Desk Ribbon Fidget Strips

 5.  Volcano Gel Timer

 6.  Mindful Kids Cards for Focus and Calm

 7.  Fringy Fidget Weighted Vest

 8.  Thinking Putty

 9.  Mindful Fidget Bracelet

10. Wipe Clean Weighted Shoulder Wrap

11. Bendeez


back to school fidgety feet


1.  Wiggle Wobble Chair Bouncers

 2.  Spiky Fidgipod Ultimate Fidget

 3.  Swinging Foot Fidget

 4.  Fidgeting Foot Tapper

 5.  Fidgeting Foot Stepper

 6.  Fidgeting Foot Roller

 7.  Desk Bouncy Band

 8.  Fidgeting Foot Bands (Available in Regular or XT)


back to school handwriting helpers


1.  Pencil Grips (Pictured: Updated Lefty Pencil Grip Sampler Kit)

 2.  Wipe Clean Handwriting Paper

 3.  Chewable Pencil Jackets

 4.  Slantboards (Pictured: Blue Primary Handwriting Slantboard)

 5.  Wikki Stix Alphabet Cards Kit

 6.  PenAgain "Twist and Write" Pencils

 7.  Redispace Composition Notebook

 8.  Double-Sided Shapes & Patterns Tracing Board

 9.  Playfoam Alphabet Set

10. Multisensory Magnatab Alphabet Letters Set


  back to school lefty specialties


1.  Spiral Notebooks For Left-Handers

2.  Specialty Pens For Left-Handers

3.  Updated Lefty Pencil Grip Sampler Kit

4.  8" Left-Handed All Purpose Scissors

5.  Left-Hander Ruler

6.  Multisensory Magnatab Free Play Set

7.  Slantboards (Pictured: Blue Primary Handwriting Slantboard)

8.  Benbow Scissors

9.  Lefty Pencil Sharpener

10. Mini OT Scissors and Animal Scissor Magnets


back to school organizing


1.  Wipe Clean Handwriting Paper

2.  The Executive Function Workbook For Teens

3.  Mini Time Tracker

4.  Colored Index Cards 100-pk

5.  Finger Spacer Writing Tool

6.  Fidget Backpack

7.  Just The Write Size Spiral Notebook

8.  Portable Visual Schedule Pocket Chart

9.  Reusable Colored Organizer Tabs

10. Visual Time Timers


back to school seating


1.  Fidgeting Foot Bands (Available in Regular or XT)

2.  Fitball Wedge Cushions

3.  Balance/Seating Disc Combo

4.  Ball Chairs

5.  Tote-Along Wiggle Seat

6.  Wobble Stools

7.  Wiggle Wobble Chair Bouncers

8.  Howdahug Sensory Seats

9.  Fitball Seating Discs

10. Adjustable Height Round T-Stool


back to school sound light sensitivity


1.  Full Page Reading Guides

2.  Classroom Light Filters

3.  Junior Earmuffs

4.  Sound-Eaze CD

5.  Junior Animal Earmuffs

6.  Spiky Deep Pressure Sensory Rolling Pin

7.  Colored Deep Pressure Compression Vest

8.  Black Notebook Paper

9.  Noise Reduction Headsets

10. Sky Blue Junior Plus Earmuffs

11. Weighted Vest


back to school skill building toys and games1



1.  Fox in the Box Visual Perceptual Play Set

2.  Kangaroo Bubble Fidget Game

3.  Shimmery Sequins Drawing Board

4.  Orbo Snap and Match Fidget Ball

5.  Fun on the Farm Tactile Tongs Play Set

6.  Mission to Space Vertical Maze Game

7.  Connect 4 Fine Motor Cube

8.  Pixit Tiles Fidget Pouch

9.  Mega Peg and Drill OT Activities Set


back to school wipe clean fidgets


 1.  Squishy Gel Bead Fidget Squares

 2.  Magnetic Fidget Stones

 3.  Jeliku

 4.  Twirly Orbs

 5. Sensory Stones

 6.  Therapy Gear Fiddle Tool

 7.  Fiddlelinks Fidgeter

 8.  Artist Tangles

 9.  Bendeez

10.  Wipe Clean Fidget Squares™


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