Specialty Seating

Ball chairs, seating discs, therapy balls, and air cushion "wiggle seats" can all be effective seating tools for children, teens, and adults who have difficulty with focusing or staying put in their seats. Teachers and occupational therapists have long recognized the effectiveness of sensory seats and other helpful classroom seating devices that provide subtle movement input (gentle bouncing and/or rocking) without getting up from your seat. The calming (or alerting) movement input often makes it easier to pay attention and maintain that just right level of alertness! T-stools and chair balls are other effective sensory seating alternatives that can help facilitate focusing, while simultaneously developing balance skills and trunk control. Our popular Howdahug seat provides gentle rocking vestibular input and a calming, deep pressure hugging effect! You'll find all your favorite occupational therapy seating specialties at Therapyshoppe.com