Pixy Cubes Visual Motor Play Set
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Pixy Cubes Visual Motor Play Set

Pixy Cubes Visual Motor Play Set

About Pixy Cubes Visual Motor Play Set

Pixy Cubes Visual Motor Playset is a captivating perceptual skills playset that makes visual scanning, matching, and design copy practice fun!  Choose a card from 93 different designs (in 2 levels of difficulty), then use the 16 color cubes to re-create that design.  Each cube features a different brightly colored shape on each side; the challenge is finding the cubes/sides you need and correctly placing the  cubes to match the design exactly.  Pixy Cubes makes an exceptional multisensory teaching / learning tool for developing visual motor, eye-hand coordination, design copy, scanning, and other important visual perceptual skills.  Nice for solo practice or as a more competitive-type, 2-player game. For ages 6-adults.

Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.