Washable 3 lb Minkee Lap Pad
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Washable 3 lb Minkee Lap Pad
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Washable 3 lb Minkee Lap Pad

About Washable 3 lb Minkee Lap Pad

NEW!  Our Minkee Weighted Lap Pad is our largest, quilt-style (square shaped) calming sensory lap pad! This totable lap pad features smooth furry fabric on one side and delightfully bumpy minkee fabric on the other side.  All of our Therapy Shoppe weighted lap pads are ideal for classrooms, the office, or travel.  These one-of-a-kind sensory tools offer powerful calming benefits for most individuals; the quilt-style design evenly distributes the weighted glass beads which helps provide an effective focusing, grounding sensation that helps relieve stress. They also make a wonderful weighted fidget lap pad for tactile seekers.  If you want an amazing multisensory weighted lap pad that's delightfully tactile and soft, this is a perfect choice! Made in the USA. Ages 3+. Measures 19" x 20".