Pencil Grip Training Set
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Pencil Grip Training Set

Pencil Grip Training Set

About Pencil Grip Training Set

Dynamic training set of 3 pencil grips that are a progressive variation of the classic "The Pencil Grip" that promotes functional hand grips while decreasing finger fatigue and helping to improve handwriting. The Crossover Grip has "wings" that securely hold the thumb and pointer finger in place for the highest level of extra support. The Pinch Grip has finger grooves that are a step up developmentally from the Crossover Grip, but still offer more support than The Original Pencil Grip. Use these first 2 grips to work your way up to using The Pencil Grip, which provides the least amount of support, but still cues correct finger placement using comfy finger indentations. Designed for right or left handers. An awesome set that should be in every OT's toolbox!

Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.