2 lb. Scented Weighted Plush Kitten
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2 lb Scented Weighted Plush Kitten

2 lb. Scented Weighted Plush Kitten

About 2 lb. Scented Weighted Plush Kitten

NEW!  Cuddly soft, 2 lb. Weighted Plush Kitten scented with a nice touch of soothing lavender.  This lovable sensory pet makes a snuggly fidget tool and/or weighted animal lap pad.  The therapeutic weighted deep pressure input and lavender scent of this cuddly sensory pet tends to be calming and focusing for many kiddos (and makes a nice stress reducer for teens and adult tactile sensory seekers).  Ideal for car rides, quiet time, winding down before bedtime, or pretend play.  This very fluffy soft gray and cream kitten makes a fun self-regulation toy for those who have anxiety, tactile hypersensitivity, sensory defensiveness, or other sensory differences.  Weight may vary slightly.  For all age "kids" 3-up.

Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.