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Breathing Ball

Breathing Ball

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NEW!  Intriguing Breathing Ball provides soothing visual cues and tactile sensory input that helps support deep breathing exercises. Lightly grasp the edges and slowly pull it outwards to expand this lightweight, star-shaped fidget sphere as you inhale; gently push it back inwards as you exhale. This relaxing expanding-retracting multi-sensory fidget tool is an ideal companion for reinforcing deep breathing exercises that help reduce anxiety/stress while promoting mindfulness, calm, and focus. Softly roll this vibrantly colored ball and it makes a soothing aluminum foil-like sound; gently toss it and watch in awe as it grows and shrinks. A fun therapy toy for weaving and hiding toys inside it – and for softly squeezing fingers! Is This Hoberman Sphere like breath tool is 6" when it's retracted and 10" when it's fully expanded. For gentle use with kids, teens, and adults, ages 6+. NEAT!

Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.