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8" Left-Handed All Purpose Scissors
(Specialty Scissors)
Beginner's Scissors Sampler Kit
(Specialty Scissors)
New! This exciting new kit features six of our occupational therapists' favorite learning scissors: Fiskars SquEEzers Training Scissors, Benbow Learning Scissors, Kidi Beginner Safety Scissors (that only ...
Fiskars for Kids
(Specialty Scissors)
A favorite of pediatric therapists! Fiskars are super comfortable and unbelievably easy to use and control. Safe, rounded blades with oversized handles that enable kids to use multiple fingers and either ...
Kidi Beginner Safety Scissors
(Specialty Scissors)
Extraordinary 5" safety scissors that ONLY CUT PAPER, not hair or clothing! Features comfy, chunky finger loops, blunt tips, and lightweight, smooth-cutting plastic blades. These wonderful scissors come ...
Wooden Tongs
(Tongs and Finger Tools)
These 8" tongs are a fun pre-writing/pre-scissor skill tool; nice for reinforcing correct finger/wrist positioning for grasps and manipulating scissors. Lightweight and sturdy. Sold individually or in ...
Blunt Tip Children's Scissors
(Specialty Scissors for Left-Handers)
Very nice, 4-1/2" children's scissors with non-slip finger loops, rounded blunt safety tips, and lightweight steel blades. These specialty scissors are similar in style and size to the the larger Benbow ...
Fiskars Lefty Soft Grip Scissors
(Scissors and Tongs)
Designed exclusively for left-handers, these pointy-tip scissors have cushioned handles, safety blades that provide excellent cutting control, and larger-sized handles the are perfect for growing hands. ...
My First Specialty Scissors
(Specialty Scissors for Left-Handers)
Super comfy, ergonomically-designed scissors that are extra easy for little and big hands to use. These self-opening scissors have safe, rounded blades and an innovative design that promotes using your ...
Training Scissors
(Specialty Scissors for Left-Handers)
These clever scissors have 2 sets of loops that allow an adult to help the child "feel" the motion and coordination of cutting. Child's fingers go in the back loops so the adult can provide any needed ...
Self-Opening Scissors
(Specialty Scissors for Left-Handers)
Conventional-looking scissors with a tiny spring in the handle that allows the scissors to open automatically. These are ideal for weak hands and increasing strength with resistance. Comes with a safety ...
Self-Opening Loop Scissors
(Specialty Scissors for Left-Handers)
Light and easy-to-manipulate, self-opening scissors with contoured handles, rounded tips and a safety blade guard. Gently squeeze thumb/fingers or fingers/palm; scissors automatically reopen when the pressure ...
Long-Loop Self-Opening Scisssors
(Specialty Scissors for Left-Handers)
These deluxe scissors have all the same features as our standard self-opening loop scissors... PLUS the additional benefit of the long finger loop for even greater control and stability. Includes a safety ...
Benbow Learning Scissors
(Specialty Scissors for Left-Handers)
These extraordinary 3-1/2" scissors feature rounded tips and smaller, vinyl-coated finger loops that facilitate using isolated finger movements; making learning to cut much easier! These neat little scissors ...
Self-Opening Safety Scissors
(Specialty Scissors)
Designed especially for young children, these unique safety scissors feature a "lever" on the handle that can convert them into self-opening scissors! Quality scissors with contoured finger loops, blunt ...
Mini Loop Scissors
(Specialty Scissors for Left-Handers)
WOW are these wonderful! Lightweight, mini 4-3/4" loop scissors with a ribbed grip and extra-wide contoured handles... ultra easy for early learners to use and control. Comes with a safety blade guard. ...
Blue Loop Scissors
(Specialty Scissors)
Easy-to-use, classic blue loop scissors for beginners and others who have special cutting challenges. These feature rounded tips and spring-action blades. Another very fine pair of specialty scissors. ...
Premium Red Loop Scissors
(Specialty Scissors)
Superb self-opening 6" loop scissors that are designed especially for teens-adults. These premium loop scissors feature contoured handles for the ultimate in hand fit and comfort, and safe, rounded tips. ...

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Items 1 to 17 of 17 total How many products per page:
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