Finger Fidget Counter
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Finger Fidget Counter
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Finger Fidget Counter

About Finger Fidget Counter

How fast can your fidgeting fingers click?!  This mini ring-style digital fidget counter features an adjustable finger strap, quiet counter button, and mini reset button that takes you back to zero, and a long-lasting (non-replaceable) battery.  Finger Fidget Counters provide an easy way to keep restless fingers busy!  This quiet fidget tool is great for the office, travel, homework time, waiting rooms, restaurants.... even while watching t.v.  The tallying aspect of this unique fidget tool is especially nice for nail biters, skin pickers, ADHD, those who have OCD tendencies, for adults who are pen clickers, and others (such as seniors with memory issues) who need something to keep their hands busy! This stimulating fidget tool is designed for ages 5-adults.

Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.