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Scented Weighted Wooly Lamb
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Scented Weighted Wooly Lamb

Scented Weighted Wooly Lamb

About Scented Weighted Wooly Lamb

NEW!  The most adorable little plush lamb on the planet!  Our new Scented Weighted Wooly Lamb melts hearts while helping to calm and regulate nervous systems.  You'll fall in love with this wonderfully soft and cuddly 2 lb. plush weighted animal that's scented with just the right amount of lavender.  The soothing lavender scent and deep pressure weighted proprioceptive input of this weighted stuffed animal is calming and focusing for most children; great for car rides, bedtime, walking transitions, or as a weighted lap pad when kiddos need an appealing sensory tool that can help them sit.  A nice sensory tool for for hair pullers, tactile sensory seekers, anxiety disorders, autism, or for those who need a fun sensory toy that can help decrease their stress.  For ages 3-adults.