4.5 lb. Shaggy Weighted Puppy
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4 5 lb Shaggy Weighted Puppy
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4.5 lb. Shaggy Weighted Puppy

About 4.5 lb. Shaggy Weighted Puppy

NEW!  Absolutely adorable 4.5 lb. Shaggy Weighted Puppy is the biggest and heaviest of all our stuffed weighted animals; providing wonderfully effective proprioceptive input that can be very calming and focusing for many children when they lift, carry, and tote him around.  This fluffy soft sandy-colored puppy will melt your heart as he helps calm your nervous system.  A snuggily new addition to your family or as a lovable therapy dog mascot for your classroom.  No walks, water bowls, or potty breaks required! Surface washable.  You'll love all of our self-regulation plush weighted animals – we have scented weighted animals, too!