The New Social Story Book
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The New Social Story Book
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The New Social Story Book

About The New Social Story Book

Social stories, are a very effective social skill tool that aids teachers, parents & therapists with students of all ages in understanding social concepts! Developed by a renowned leader in educating children who have autism and developmental disabilities, this exciting book features stories that help modify behavior and teach life skills; with visual prompt-pictures that make the stories even more effective! Includes 150+ of the most requested social stories for: People & Pets, Helping Around the House, Personal Care, Cooking/Mealtime Routines, Time for School, Shopping/Restaurants, Holidays/Vacations/Recreation, How to Write A Social Story, More! You'll love this extraordinary 10th anniversary edition of The New Social Story Book that was written by renowned social story expert Carol Gray especially for use with children on the autism spectrum.