Go Go Banana Fidget
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Go Go Banana Fidget
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Go Go Banana Fidget

About Go Go Banana Fidget

NEW!  Here’s your chance for some big time squishy, mishy, mashy, pushy, pully, pinchey, squeezy, squashy, twisty, grippy fidgeting fun!!  Astoundingly realistic-looking 7" yellow banana fidget with a thick velvety skin and scrunchy filling that holds its shape when you squish, pinch, squash, flatten, or mold it. Go Go Banana Fidgets are a superb fidget toy for tactile sensory seekers (and for playing tricks on your siblings and co-workers)!  Designed for moderately gentle fidgeting. Not for pets, consumption, or stretching (as it won't rebound if its overstretched). Recommended for ages 4-adults.

Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.