Super Sale 6 lb. Teal Minkee Blanket
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Super Sale 6 lb Teal Minkee Bla...
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Super Sale 6 lb. Teal Minkee Blanket

About Super Sale 6 lb. Teal Minkee Blanket

*Please note that this blanket comes in defective packaging.  All super sale items are non-returnable.

Exceptional weighted blankets with a quilt-design inner blanket that's made of 100% natural bamboo fabric and a sensationally soft velvety cover that features smooth furry fabric on one side and bumpy minkee on the other.  These eco-friendly blankets are weighted with glass beads that are the texture of very smooth, fine sand which are a superb choice for individuals who have sensory defensiveness.  The smart quilted therapeutic design ensures the weight is evenly distributed; the soft bamboo fabric keeps you warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.  You'll love our new Washable Weighted Blankets that include a wonderful Furry Minkee Cover.  Our 6 lb. Washable Weighted Blanket measures 36x48"; the 9 lb. blanket measures 40x60". Come in your choice of a pretty navy/charcoal or deep teal color.  Adult supervision is needed with children. Lovingly made in the USA.