Spiky Inside Out Bracelets
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#GG4563Spiky Inside Out Bracelet 3-pk$4.99
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#GG4564Spiky Inside Out Bracelet 12-pk$17.99
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Spiky Inside Out Bracelets

Spiky Inside Out Bracelets

About Spiky Inside Out Bracelets

New!  Colorful rubbery bracelets that are silky smooth on one side and have soft rubbery spikes on the other. These unique fidget bracelets provide soothing tickley tactile input. Wear them inside out (with the smooth side out and the spikeys against your skin for a soothing forearm massage, or wear 'em with the spikes pointing outwards for gentle tugging, fidgeting, and running your fingers across the wiggily spikes. Spiky Inside Out Bracelets are ideal for tactile sensory seekers, hair pullers, skin pickers, or others who need a little sensory input to focus, stay alert, and help manage stress. Come in cool assorted tie-dye color combos. Your choice of 3- or 12-packs.

Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years