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Super Sale Zenimal Kids
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Super Sale Zenimal Kids

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  • OM ALONE: With the portable Zenimal Kids Meditation and Soothing Sounds Audio Player, you can open the minds and hearts of your little Warrior Goddess or Zen Master while empowering them with important skills for life
  • 9 GUIDED MEDITATIONS: From A to Zen, this unique patented audio player comes with meditation tracks for sleep, relaxation, breathing, creativity, stillness, empathy, gratitude, and feelings, ranging from 3-15 minutes long
  • A SCREEN-FREE ACTIVITY: Developed by a mom who wanted a screen-free, kid-friendly option to practice mindfulness that children could control on their own
  • PERFECT FOR BEDTIME: Turn on one of the peaceful tracks in the rechargeable base unit and your child will fall asleep the all-natural way, calmed and peaceful, without the use of medications or melatonin
  • ALL ARE AT ONE WITH PEACE: The entire family can benefit from meditation, helping all to navigate our endlessly connected, fast-paced world