The Amazing Activity Writing Board™
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The Amazing Activity Writing Boa...
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The Amazing Activity Writing Board™

About The Amazing Activity Writing Board™

NEW!  You’ll find endless uses for this phenomenally versatile lap board!  These sturdy handwriting activity boards were inspired by wooden lap boards that were handmade by the grandfather of one of our staff OTs.  Our occupational therapists have been using these awesome boards for over 2 decades, and are a therapy and family favorite.  These eco-friendly lap trays are perfect for turning any place into a workspace.  Our Amazing Activity Writing Board™ can be used for handwriting, homework, office and household paperwork, painting fingernails, playing cards or games, fine motor activities, or as a therapy activity board.  Especially nice for students and others who like to do written work in bed, prone or cross-legged on the floor, in the car, or just about anywhere else!  Made of natural hardboard, these sturdy boards measure 17.5" x 16" and feature smooth edges and a smart cutout design that contours to your torso.  Ideal for children, teens, adults, occupational therapists, and educators.  Don't miss out on this exclusive Therapy Shoppe® product.